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Built in 1866, with its historic significance and classic architectural style, Linwood Mill was the crowning glory of James Fletcher Whitinsville and Charles Whitinsville. The Whitin Cotton Mills at Linwood were the principal industry and a good example of the industrial architecture of the 19th century.

Linwood today is the “Linwood Historic District” within the towns of Uxbridge and Northbridge. The Linwood Cotton Mills are also listed on the National Historic Register. The parcel is located on Linwood Avenue which is one of the gateways into the Town of Northbridge, Massachusetts.

According to Historical Commission Chairman, Kenneth Warchol, the Mumford River was dammed during the early 1800’s to provide water power to Whitin Machine Works, the Cotton Mill and Linwood Mill, all in Whitinsville. A railroad trunk line followed the river, transporting goods from Whitin Machine Works to the Providence & Worcester railroad depot – now the site of the China Pacific Restaurant across the street from the mill.

James Whitin was one of Paul Whitin’s five sons, and he owned both the Linwood Mill and the Crown and Eagle Mill in North Uxbridge, Massachusetts.